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Dogecoin is the reason I'm even a reddit user now... not vice versa! And I'm not the only one... wow such pattern?

Admittedly I'm a long-time lurker (though if mostly because reddit is where, uh, news seems to come from.) I've also been cpumining a (teeny tiny, obviously... <150) amount of doge for about a couple weeks now.
Last night, I realized it was about time to try to join the pack and see if my fellow shibes would accept me as one of their own. So, really, dogecoin is what finally drove me to join reddit.
I mean, many prominent shibes are long-time redditors... it's kinda peculiafascinating that dogecoin could be driving more interest in reddit now. That's gotta be a new pattern. And I surely can't be the only one... read into it what you want!
Like a lot of ye, I never really had more than a passing, 'huh well that's neat' interest in bitcoin. Dogecoin grabbed me because, well... 1 doge = 1 doge. That philosophy is just perfect. Tearing down those psychological barriers that really allow us to embrace it as a CURRENCY, not just a commodity.
I also recall something someone had written -- I really wish I could credit them -- about how government-issued money traditionally has the heads of monarchs and politicians. And that dogecoin totally transcends the meme on which it's based... the shibe is really a symbol that puts a smile on everyone's face, regardless of language/nationality. This is a REAL economic experiment, not an experiment in greed. That is really, really awesome, guys.
...It's not been perfect for me, though, as an outcast shibe (or an OMEGA SHIBE, if you will.) I was looking to jumpstart my human -> shibe transition last night by getting rid of some CAD for DOGE on dogemarket. probably rightfully so, but being such a new redditor, and having zero credibility, seems to raise a huge red flag to sellers... :(
wow. so newbie. very community. such scare. the moon?
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The Monero Missives (weekly report) - June 10th, 2014

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Monero Missives
June 10th, 2014
Hello XMR users! Welcome to our second Monero Missives.
Major Updates
  1. We're happy to introduce a major new feature for Monero: deterministic wallets based on a mnemonic seed! When creating a new wallet you now get a 24 word seed that you can use to restore the wallet. Usage: This affects simplewallet, and is the default behaviour for --generate-new-wallet. If you would like to disable the deterministic seed during wallet generation, you can pass the --non-deterministic flag. To restore from a seed you can use the --restore-deterministic-wallet flag. This provides a MAJOR benefit in that backing up your wallet no longer requires backing up the .bin.keys file! All you have to do is write down the 24 words and that's the only backup you need. If you're particularly brave you can even memorise the 24 words. You can also use this to create an offline cold wallet or a paper wallet: create a wallet on a computer disconnected from the Internet, write the 24 words and the address and the view key down, and then remove all the files created by the wallet. Security notes: Please note that this key is independent of your password. By default the 24 word key is written to simplewallet.log when the wallet is created. This is the expected behaviour, the next release will both exclude this from the log and reduce the default log level. Please run --generate-new-wallet with the --set_log 0 flag, or alternatively make sure to delete the simplewallet.log file afterwards. Technical details: The key length for this remains 256-bits and thus does not compromise user security. The view key seed is generated from a keccak1600 hash of the spend key (which is directly from the mnemonic seed), hence the deterministic nature of this. The non-deterministic method is still available as an option. How to get it: binaries in the OP have already been updated, or you can compile from the source on github. Moving to a deterministic wallet: unfortunately it's not possible to retroactively make an existing wallet deterministic. If you want to take advantage of the new feature, you will have to create a new wallet and move your funds in there.
  2. XMR is now on Mintpal for voting. You can find the voting link here: - Mintpal allows 1 vote an hour from registered users who have traded before, as well as paid-for votes.
  3. Monero will be officially represented by fluffypony at the Bitcoin Supernode Conference at Malla Castle in Estonia at the end of this month.
  4. Neozaru has made great strides in his RPC-based Qt GUI wallet, and it requires some testing. If you are keen on trying it out, head over to his comment the GUI thread, give it a spin, and give him feedback.
Dev Diary
RPC: incoming_transfers is now available as a simplewallet RPC API call, and payment_id has been added as an optional argument to the transfer RPC API call. Neozaru also committed a large amount of additional functionality to the RPC API, including progress estimation to getinfo.
I2P: no commits this week, much of the work has been around scoping and planning the RPC subsystem.
Core: new seed nodes have been added, so bootstrapping on cold start should work just fine. We are going to add DNS seed node bootstrapping at a later stage.
Docs: work has begun on adding Doxygen comments throughout the code. This will both help us to understand the code written by "The CryptoNote Developers" (who appear at the top of every piece of source code except for the epee library), but will also result in proper developer documentation being made available.
Mining: Wolf` has continued to improve his CPU miner - the latest copy of which can be found on his github repo.
Mining: Claymore released a CryptoNight GPU miner, which you can find at this thread. Please be advised that his miner is currently closed source, and the appropriate level of caution should be exercised.
Until next week!
PS. If you've made it this far, there's a reward in the example wallet listed in the screenshot - first to grab it gets the prize!
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